web design & development, e-commerce

Whether you need a new website designed and built from scratch, have a design already that needs to be converted into a website, or want to modify an existing website, I can help. If you are looking into adding a content management system to manage and update your website, I specialize in WordPress. I also have experience in building web stores if your website requires e-commerce features, or creating site intros or banners.

internet marketing

Do you have a website already but need help in getting the word out and visitors to your site? I provide internet marketing services like search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns (Google, Bing, Yahoo), email marketing, HTML newsletter design, social media, products ads for shopping sites like Amazon, etc..

graphic design

While I specialize in websites, there is often a need to develop additional marketing materials in line with the look and feel of a website. Or in the process of the development of a website there may be a need to design a logo or other graphics. I design flyers, logos, brochures, ads, business cards and other promotional material for print.